Shuttle Information


We are happy to be providing shuttle transportation again this year to/from AleFest grounds and local Egg Harbor establishments. The shuttles will run from 11am-7pm, with the last pickup in town is 6:45pm. There is no cost associated with riding the shuttles. Of course, the driver always appreciates tips.
FIRST RUN - Two Shuttles
Shuttle 1 (Door County Trolley)
11:00am - pick up at Lull-Abi Inn
11:10am - pick up at Ashbrooke
11:20am - pick up at Egg Harbor Campground
11:30am - pick up at Egg Harbor Lodge
11:35am - pick up at Bay Point Inn
11:45am - pick up at Newport Resort
11:55am - pick up at the Landing Resort
Drop at AleFest grounds - Repeat Route
Shuttle 2 (School Bus)
11:00am pick up at Frontier Wilderness
11:15am pick up at Rustic Timbers
11:30am - pick up at the Shallows Resort - please wait at driveway entrance. Bus will not fit down driveway.
11:40am - pick up at the Landmark Resort - bus will pick you up in overflow parking. Ask front desk for exact location.
Drop at AleFest grounds - Repeat Route
*Times may vary. If you plan on riding this first ride, please be prompt so we can keep on schedule.
The route will be repeated after the initial run. If you are waiting awhile, please call. The driver will be able to respond with an update (i.e. - I'm on my way there now, It will be 10-15 min, or other communication/status report}. Please allow ample time to get to the AleFest grounds as the trolley is servicing many locations. If you are staying at a lodging establishment within Egg Harbor that is not on the initial run, please call the driver and let him know. Be aware - that for the safety of the passengers, the driver may not answer while in route to next destination.
Leaving the AleFest grounds will be much easier. The shuttle will be visible at AleFest. Just board the shuttle that brought you to the event (Trolley or School Bus) and tell the driver where you want to go. If you elect to have dinner in town after AleFest, let the driver know where he can pick you up. The last pick up in town will be 6:45pm. Please be aware that you will be responsible to find a way back to your lodging if you miss the last shuttle.
There is no cost associated with riding the shuttles. Of course, the driver always appreciates tips.
Drivers will not be available by phone until 1030am on Saturday morning.



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